I'd been putting off cleaning out my garage for years. Tegan coached me through this huge task and the result is amazing. Now I can find what I need (and quickly!) and I'm not tripping over stuff anymore. I feel like a cloud has lifted and I am more motivated to tackle other areas of my home.

G.C., Launceston

Tegan was such a huge help in organising my kitchen. My pantry and cupboards are decluttered and re-organised so I can easily see what’s in there. Cooking is more enjoyable now, rather than a stressful chore. There’s less food waste, too!


Tegan was able to see obstacles in our home and came up with solutions to make our day-to-day lives easier. We're no longer tripping over our coat rack, we have more usable kitchen counter space and more space in our kitchen cupboards. Tegan has a knack for seeing better ways of using space.

A.M., Legana