As a Professional Organiser, I provide expert advice, emotional support and a helping hand to sort, de-clutter and organise your home.


I can help you take control of your kitchen and pantry, bedroom and wardrobe, bathroom, laundry, linen closet, living spaces, home office/study, spare room, craft room, play room, and garage.


A de-cluttering and organising session includes:

  • a brief tour of the space

  • discussion about how you use the space, what is and isn't working for you, your goals and vision for the space

  • a plan to declutter and organise – and maintain – the space

  • working alongside you, providing hands-on assistance and support to declutter and organise the space

  • personalised advice and solutions

  • delivery of donations to local charities (within reason)


Rates start at $90 per hour. Minimum of 4 hours. Additional hours on request.





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Child's room

Toys & Games



Paper & Sentimental

Spare room



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COVID-19 Safety

We all have a shared responsibility to minimise the risk of COVID-19 when working together.
For your peace of mind, we follow our COVID-19 Safety Policy when in your home.