Tidy Closet


Hi there!

My name is Tegan and I'm a Professional Organiser. I help busy families to declutter and organise their stuff and reclaim their space and time (and sanity). I offer simple, personalised solutions and teach families how to maintain an organised family home. As a working mum of two young children (aged 2 and 6), I understand the challenges that families face every day and enjoy helping them conquer their clutter and find freedom.

I've always been naturally and passionately organised. I love routines, systems and storage solutions! However, I know what it’s like to struggle with clutter (albeit organised clutter) as it wasn’t until recently that I learnt and appreciated the skill of decluttering. I was very organised but I had too much stuff and spent too much time (and energy) organising and maintaining all of our belongings.

I first began to see possessions in a new light when my elderly parents-in-law sold their family home of 30 years and downsized into a place that would better suit their needs. This opened my eyes to the amount of possessions we acquire over a lifetime, the difficulties some people face in letting go of their possessions, and how challenging it is to sort and declutter a large amount of possessions when faced with a tight deadline.

This insight was extended when a few months later my husband and I decided to move interstate. We had lived in our large home for nearly ten years and welcomed both of our children there – and we had accumulated A LOT of stuff. Then suddenly we had less than six weeks to prepare for our interstate move and sell our home. We let go of about half of our possessions and I can tell you it was a process. One that I am now very grateful for as I developed an ability to question the value of, and curate, my possessions – and now when I purchase or acquire new possessions, I do my best to be intentional.

I now share my experiences, passion and skills with others to help them conquer their clutter, create organised homes, and find freedom in their lives.

Tegan x