Overwhelmed by clutter?

Have you dreamed of decluttering and organising your home but never had the time, motivation or energy to do it? I know it can be so overwhelming when you don’t how or where to start.

The good news is you can achieve big things with a little bit of help. As a Professional Organiser, I can help you regain control of your home. I listen to your goals, map out a plan with you, and provide practical advice and solutions with hands-on help and support to get it done.

Now is the time to stop trying to stuff things into overflowing cupboards, wasting hours looking for lost items, and staring with despair at the piles of clutter on the counter top.

Just imagine how it would feel to free yourself from the chaos and get back the physical and mental space for the things that matter most to you.

How I help you
  • Home de-cluttering and organisation: I support you to reach your goals by guiding you to reclaim your home and daily life. I assist you to sort and curate your possessions and set up suitable storage solutions to create a functional home.

    As part of my services, I help to de-clutter and organise many areas of the home including kitchen and pantry, bathroom, bedroom and wardrobe, laundry, linen closet, living spaces, home office/study, spare room, craft room, play room, and garage. Organisational aids such as labels, hooks, and bags are included free of charge during sessions.

  • Home and life skills development: As a coach, I transfer de-cluttering and organising skills to you to improve your capacity and independence at home. I provide you with a caring and impartial ear, reframe situations, teach new skills, and allow you to make decisions for yourself.

  • Health and safety improvement: As your wellbeing is always top of mind, I identify and help to minimise or eliminate any slip/trip hazards and fire risks. If other health and safety concerns such as mould, rodents or pests are identified, I bring these to your attention.

  • Physical assistance: De-cluttering and organising can be physically demanding. I work alongside you, but if you have limited mobility or are fatigued, I do the lifting, reaching, moving and cleaning.

  • Cleaning: Some cleaning is usually needed when de-cluttering. Although I do not offer cleaning services, I carry out basic cleaning as needed to ensure a thorough finish – for example: wiping pantry shelving clean after removing food items or vacuuming the floor after de-cluttering a child’s play area.

  • Donation removal: Due to physical limitations or time constraints, many people find it challenging to remove their unwanted belongings from their home. To assist, I deliver donations (where practical) to local charities.

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